Brief Online Intro To Dental Implants

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The medical term expressed is that of endosseous. In layman’s terms it is also referred to as a fixture. All dental implants chicago procedures are influenced by a biological process known as osseointegration. It is a process in which materials will form a close bond to bone. Initially, the implant fixture may osseointegrate, after which a dental prosthetic will be added. The implant is designed to support a dental prosthesis.

Common dental prostheses being used are bridges, crowns and dentures. A facial prosthesis is also built; all of which is designed to act as an orthodontic anchor. After osseointegration has set in, healing time is required. This is necessary before the prosthetic can be attached to the implant. Alternatively, an abutment could be placed. This will be holding the dental crown or prosthetic. While success rates of dental implants procedures should be relatively high, they will always depend on the immediate health of the patient.

Patients need to be upfront with their dental practitioners or orthodontists in the even that they are currently under prescribed medication for other conditions. The health of the mouth’s tissues also need to be sound. The presiding dental practitioner also needs to take into account the potential for stress that could be placed on the implant and fixture during normal functioning of the oral and dental structures.

Biomechanical forces created during chewing will also play a role. The positioning of implants will take into account of the position and angle of adjacent teeth. All this can be determined by using laboratory simulations. Dental examiners can also use computerized tomography which uses CAD/CAM simulations and surgical guides. Initial dental exams could also take a period of time in which case a number of associates could be involved.